v 1.2

So, it's been a while!

I've being gaming on the past months on a weekly basis and I've gathered a lot of experience and feedback on my personal experiences DMing a FKR game. This update are coming in late.

I've removed the Influences box not because I don't like those games anymore (if that's possible I like them even more!), but because I was in need of space in order to keep the 1-page layout. So, in case you've missed, those are my influences on my first steps into the FKR Universe:

The Landshut Rules: matausch.itch.io/landshut
Pits & Perils: oldehouserules.com
Just Halberds: alexschroeder.ch/wiki/Just_Halberds
Maze Rats: questingbeast.itch.io/maze-rats
Middle-Earth Adventures: dreamingdragonslayer.wordpress.com
Underground Adventures: wizard-lizard.itch.io/underground-adventures

And, talking about (Not)Rules v 1.2 now, my main goal was to deliver and easy and (yet) solid and transparent conflict resolution method. You tell me if I was succeeded in that endeavor or not - which is another way to say that  I'm open to any kind of feedback.

I must thank Filipe Dalmatti, DM Quiral, and all other wonderful folks that had been participating in the creation of the Brazilian FKR community.

So... without further ado, let's play some worlds(Not)Rules!

ps: I will try to fit the v.1.2 on the pamphlet layout that my friend Matheus Guax made me, but no promises!

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Great game with an awesome FKR feel to it!


This game is amazing! The rules work as a base to build your own game while in the game with your players!

Esse sistema é incrível! As regras funcionam como uma base pra você construir o seu próprio jogo a medida que joga com seus jogadores!